About four years ago my world was ripped open, torn apart and turn completely upside down. It was probably one of the biggest battles I have had to face, not just within myself but with everything that was thrown at me during that time.

But I survived.

About three years ago, I wasn’t able to feel happy. No matter how hard I tried, ghosts from a world I had┬áturned away from┬ákept on rearing their ugly head. It didn’t matter what I did – stay up all night thinking, drinking for days straight, burying my head in the sand, screaming, crying, trying to work it out – I just kept having to relive it all.

The people surrounding me wore dark negative capes and I, myself, was trapped in a bottomless pit of pain, anger and sadness.. to the point that I couldn’t see a way out.

And I wanted out so badly.

So, after hours, days, weeks of thinking, devising and rethinking, I had decided it was time to go. To leave the world I knew behind.. completely.
But where to go… where did I belong? Continue reading “Finding where I belong”