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You deserve better.

I have had a few lovely people on my mind of late. People that are truly amazing but seem to be blind to, or unwilling to except their worth as a person.
See the reason I say this is because they are letting themselves be suffocated, smothered even, by other people/situations that are just not good enough. Some of these lovely people have been in these situations for a very long time, others, only a while.

But any amount of time in in a negative space is too much time Continue reading “You deserve better.”


Whats wrong with this world!?

Another week of shootings in America goes by… its tragic, heartbreaking.
But when you talk to people about it they aren’t shocked.

Why has death and destruction become so normal!?
Why isn’t anyone actually doing something pragmatic about it!? Continue reading “Whats wrong with this world!?”

Chase your Dreams

Do you have a dream or something you have wanted to accomplish or do?
Are you making steps towards achieving that dream or are you consistently finding reasons not to?

I used to find a mountain of excuses as well.
Because chasing a dream makes you vulnerable to failure. And failure hurts the ego. So it’s just easier to keep wishing, dreaming, wondering.. right?

Time to stop that attitude!
Chase. Your. Dreams. Continue reading “Chase your Dreams”

Went for a walk this morning… caught a Pikachu.
Childhood dreams relived…

Finding where I belong

About four years ago my world was ripped open, torn apart and turn completely upside down. It was probably one of the biggest battles I have had to face, not just within myself but with everything that was thrown at me during that time.

But I survived.

About three years ago, I wasn’t able to feel happy. No matter how hard I tried, ghosts from a world I had turned away from kept on rearing their ugly head. It didn’t matter what I did – stay up all night thinking, drinking for days straight, burying my head in the sand, screaming, crying, trying to work it out – I just kept having to relive it all.

The people surrounding me wore dark negative capes and I, myself, was trapped in a bottomless pit of pain, anger and sadness.. to the point that I couldn’t see a way out.

And I wanted out so badly.

So, after hours, days, weeks of thinking, devising and rethinking, I had decided it was time to go. To leave the world I knew behind.. completely.
But where to go… where did I belong? Continue reading “Finding where I belong”

Don’t let fear get the better of you.

Have you ever had that thought of “I wish I could do _________, but I’m too afraid.” Or “I would love to, but I don’t think I can.”

It happens to us all. And probably more than it should.

A couple of years ago I made a decision to stop buying into my fear. I didn’t want it to be the ruler of my world. It had been for many years and it was time it took the back seat and let me drive again. So I told it to sit down and shut up.

I felt empowered! My gosh how the world of possibilities opened up to me. I had opened the door wide and the universe seemed to radiate through like the sun. Continue reading “Don’t let fear get the better of you.”

Getting it out of your system!?

The other day as I was pottering, a conversation I had with a stranger whilst at work came into my head for some absurd reason. It was just after I had gotten my hair coloured bright blue and they were talking about their daughters strict school rules – specific uniforms, ties, shoes, hair accessories etc.

At this point in time they commented to the daughter in question  “You definitely wouldn’t be able to go to school with hair like the ladies.”

Being the person I am, I piped in at this point and said that I don’t understand why schools are becoming so strict and preventing children from self expression. I mentioned that I would want nothing more than for my child to wear what he/she wants, to have bright coloured hair if they chose so (wash out or hair spray of course) and to be different from the rest.

Quiet casually her reply was “Yea, I guess that would allow children to get it all out of their system while they were young”

“Get it out of their system”!!!
I don’t understand why being different has to be something that needs to be restricted to a need of release. Continue reading “Getting it out of your system!?”

Back at it Again!

So I have been thinking about restarting my blogs for a while now. It was something I used to do quite regularly a few years ago that I really enjoyed. It was a way for me to express the inner workings of my mind in a healthier way than I had been. However, I let the few people who got offended by some of my posts get the better of me and I shut the site down. How impressionable I was back then!

Cest la vi!

Now, a few years on, and loaded with a self belief, confidence and sense of self worth I am going to take on the blog world again.

Note to all… I am not going to keep these G rated, nor am I going to back down from my thoughts if they offend. I am here for self expression and I make no apologies.

Strap yourselves in and hold tight, this will be fun, but it sure as hell could be a bumpy ride.

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