So things have been falling perfectly into place lately and I can’t help to look back at how I got to this point in my life.
Its an interesting one I must admit, and for a lot of the way, I can honestly say I had no idea what I was doing. I was just following my heart, or the path in front of me, or whatever direction the wind pushed me and hoped that something would emerge along the way.

I moved houses countless times, many places I wound up in were convenient at the time but probably not well planned. But it was exactly where I needed to be at that moment. I even hated some of them so much that i was forced to sit down quietly and figure out where it was I wanted to be. And I had to learn to trust that whatever came next, I wound make it work. I think in these moments I was really being pushed to get out of my square, to leave what was holding me back behind and to start a fresh some where new and with potential. Ultimately it was pushing me to finding the next part of my journey.

Let yourself be pushed by your desires, get uncomfortable, trust your heart

I changed jobs hopelessly, with determination, fully thinking this new career path, workplace, industry was the one for me. None of them were. But it helped me to figure out what I didn’t like. And in a way forced me to wake myself up and to listen to what I actually wanted to do. And from every job change I found something; a friend, a new idea, a better place to be, a renewed inner strength, a love.
So even though I was blindly going into these places with every wish that this place was the place, I can see now that I wasn’t going there to find a career. I was going there to discover something I was missing or needing in my life.

Let yourself be lost, walk into the unknown, open yourself up to change, listen to your heart.

I would become so passionately devoted to a task, idea, hobby, topic; you name it. I would be consumed by it. Hoping that it would fill me with some sort of guidance, sense of belonging or direction. My heart would be singing with joy as I dived in and enriched myself in whatever it was.
Through these thingsĀ I was shaping myself to be stronger, more determined, more understanding, less negative, less afraid to give it a go. Bigger and better. On and on. Until something stuck.
Some devotions were for a moment in time, some have stuck.

Let yourself discover, try things out, let yourself fail, let your heart sing with happiness

Now I stand in this moment, and it seems life has finally gotten its shit together. In this present moment, I am happy where I am, I have built a world for my own and building it bigger every step of the way, found a place I love to be, found a love I never imagined was possible, I have a direction, a goal, a focus.
It feels good.
So good

But out of everything I have gained, this one is the best one.
This little thing I know will hold me up when the next wave crashes and makes me need to find my path again.

It’s as simple as this:
Trust your heart. Listen to your heart. Let your heart sing with happiness.

Follow your heart. The path will find it’s way