My name is Ollie. I am 11. I live a great life with mum. Dad’s new, but he is ok too.

Got to have breakfast with mum today. Dad laughed as I put crumbs all over her and the freshly cleaned floors. I love having breakfast with mum

We all spent the afternoon on the computer. I sat with mum for a while and got more crumbs all over her and her chair – dad had given me some lunch. They both laughed this time

I decided it was time to venture out and sit with dad – I don’t do that normally. But it feels like the right time to let him know we are ok.

Our pet rabbit came in this afternoon, he is a strange creature, always sniffing around my cage for food. I think he has an eating problem

I got to spend the whole day today with mum. We had breakfast together again. That both of our favourite meal. Today she spoilt me with cheese – I love when she does that.

Mum had to do some study for a while so I played with my blanket fort on top of my cage

We had visitors in the afternoon. A tiny human and his mum. I have met them before; they are nice people. I’m still a bit shy with new faces though, so I just sat and watched while mum talked and played with them.

Mum and Dad were home again today. What a treat!

Dad is still trying to get me to by friendly with him like I am with mum. But we have been in this stand off for months now, I don’t want to give in.
I still let him touch me a little today. He seems nice after all.

I flew to mum today, she seemed surprised. I guess I haven’t done that much lately.

I got to have a bath today. That is one of my very favourite things. Mum seems to like it too, she is always getting her camera out or running to get dad.
I always get water up my nose though, but she lets my dry myself on her or in the blanket fort.

Both parents were at work today. Dad came to say good morning before work. He does that every day, sometimes it is too early for me and I snap at him, but I don’t mean to. I like it when he says good morning

Mum came home and had cuddles with me a lunch time, I really like it when she does that. She let me play in my blanket fort for the rest of the day while she went back to work.

Breakfast with mum again today. She gave me some egg and tomato.
We then went and sat at the computer together and I made I hard for her to do any work by running across the keyboards.

She picked me up for a cuddle for a while. I really love having cuddles with mum.

We had blueberries and strawberries for lunch. I haven’t had blueberries in a really long time. They were hard to eat. But they tasted amazing

It was a quiet day today. I wasn’t feeling very well so I stayed in my cage today. I just wanted to sleep.

Mum and dad both came to say hello and for cuddles throughout the day.

But they let me rest. It’s been a long week.

I really wasn’t feeling good this morning, everything was hurting and I was finding it hard to breathe. I tried to call for mum, but I think she was still sleeping.

I thought being lower in the cage would help so I went to lay on the floor.

Mum came through a little later and started crying. I tried to get her to come closer but I had lost my voice.

Dad came home from work just after mum started crying – I wasn’t sure why.

Dad came to see me and called mum over. She started crying more. And picked me up.

Its so nice to be cuddled by mum, I opened my eyes a little so I could see her and make sure she knew I loved her.

I told dad to make sure he didn’t hurt mum and to look after her.

I was really tired though.

Mum kept crying so I told her once more that I loved her and that it would be ok.

I closed my eyes properly that time

And said goodbye


My name is Ollie. I am 11 years old. I lived a great life, and I was loved


A tribute, to my beautiful and beloved feathered friend, Ollie. RIP