“I wish I could think like you do”

“If more people had your mentality the world would be a better place”

I get the above two things said to me a lot. And today when I heard those words again i couldn’t help but think. If I have heard this so many times from so many people… why isn’t the world already a better place? 

Surely, if so many people love my kind hearted nature, honesty, humanity etc and see my mentality as a good thing, surely it wouldn’t be hard for them to take on some part of my attitudes for themselves?

But then as I was cleaning (which is often when my most thought provoking ideas come to me) a voice in the back of my mind said

“You can’t mend those who don’t want to be fixed”

Some would think from that.. so why bother!?

Not me. I argued that voice…

For I think, well maybe, just maybe, some of my goodness will rub off on these people and maybe, just maybe, it will cause a small change in them.

And if small is all we get, small is a good start.

Because from little things big things grow.
And maybe that small change will be enough to spark a significant chain reaction among others.

And maybe from the changes in others, bit by bit, person by person the world would change for the better.

So.. to all those out there that do these things that bring on similar comments. Whether it be picking up others litter, or standing up for others, or giving your spare change to the needy, or volunteering at animal shelters.

Whatever it is, keep on doing it.

And when those people tell you how good you are for doing it. Smile and tell them that they too could make a difference.

And maybe, just maybe.
Bit by bit.
Person by person… our world would change for the better.

Wouldn’t that be something…