Different things get different people moving, keep different people fighting, encourage different people to be better.

Things like money, power, a desire for accomplishment, for mastery, even simple things like food.

Sometimes it can be family, colleagues, teachers.

For me it is my friends. And it became more apparent than ever before the other day, whilst doing an activity for uni, that made me realise just how blessed I am.

For my abundance of friends has been prolific since a very young age and the influence these people have had on my life, my memories, my motivation to keep fighting through, far out weighs the influence of family.

That’s not to say I haven’t had family help me up when I fall. Far from it.

But my goodness this activity truly highlight how for every stage of my life thus far, friends have been front and center!

What a blessing to be filled with so many beautiful people.
Different people.
Inspiring people.
People who have given me strength when my world has fallen apart.
People who have kicked my butt into gear.
Who have urged me to be better.
Encouraged me to never give up.
And above all else have made me realise I am loved, who fill me to the brim with joy and who have shown me kindness when I wasn’t kind to myself.

Now friends come and friends go. Some provide so much in a short period of time. A time when they were exactly what I needed. Some are still here giving me endless motivation.

Others provided the motivation I needed by walking away or pushing me out. And I don’t mean that negatively either.

After all… everyone serves a purpose in peoples lives.

After I had finished writing down the hundreds and hundreds of names that have been apart of my world at some stage or other, and for being motivators along the way I felt humbled, grateful, nostalgic and extremely thankful for everything everyone has ever done.

What a gift.

But I realised also, that I haven’t thanked these people properly.
And every single one of them deserve a thank you, because they have been my guiding light every step of the way.

So, to the people who are still here…
to the people who left…
to the people who, through time have drifted away…
whether you are reading this or not

Thank you from the bottom of my heart