My dear, I am here…

I can’t stop the pain you are experiencing. I don’t know how to save you from the grey world you are in

And I am sorry.
But I am here if you need me.
You seem so fragile, and I want nothing more than to wrap you up in my arms and take you away from it all.
To help you see the light.
To mend the wounds
To stop the pain
To make you better.

But it seems, I can’t..And I am sorry.

For it seems that no matter how I try, you aren’t ready to leave that world.
It seems you need to do this on your own for  a while.

But I am here if you want me to be.

Even though I am not sure of what is happening, I can see that grey cloud above your head.
I can feel your pain, it burns inside me… pulls on my heart.
I cry, because I know you are hurting, sad, angry, lost, unsure.

But I can’t find a way to rescue you, from yourself, from that world, from it all.
For it seems you are this world, this pain, this sadness, this anger

I am here for you… always
You can call on me.. and I am there… anytime
For you, my dear, I would give the world, just to see you smile.
Just to know you are ok
Just to rescue you and make it better

So when it’s time for you to let it all in, or when you see that dark cloud and are finally wanting the brightness again.
I am here

My dear, you are apart of my world, so you are important to me
My dear, you are in my thoughts and I wish you well

Anytime, anywhere… I am here