This week I received one of those weekly emails from a sight I get updates from with music news. Usually I just scan through and delete.

However… something caught my eye this week. A punk band I love had posted a video on youtube and their webpage.. a first in ages as the band has been separated for years. Media has hinted at a reunion of the band to mark its 10 year anniversary of one of their most popular albums.

It got me thinking about all those years ago and where I was in my life…

This particular album is what made me really tune into music. It was released at a time in my teen years when I was riddled with depression, anxiety, confusion and feelings of being lost. I was having trouble finding anything that I connected to or understood.

This album changed all that. The lyrics made sense and expressed what I couldn’t. The melody’s and instruments helped drown out the jumbled mess of emotions. And the way the vocalists sung let me scream without worry.

And with the gift of music I was finally not just getting by but surviving.

It literally saved my life.
It truly was magic. In its purest form.

And still to this day, music feeds my soul. All types.. but particularly similar style to what I fell in love with all those years ago. It helps me keep my feet on the ground. Has prevented countless break downs or brought me back to reality when I didn’t know how.

How magic is that?

Just makes me think about how lucky we are to love in a world where such things are possible.

A young, lost, troubled teen.. finding a way to get through with the gift from a group of people doing what they love.

People connecting to others/themselves/the world through melodies
Souls being fed, healed, expressed through lyrics.

Music is such an amazing thing. And I am eternally grateful for its power.

Are you?