I have had a few lovely people on my mind of late. People that are truly amazing but seem to be blind to, or unwilling to except their worth as a person.
See the reason I say this is because they are letting themselves be suffocated, smothered even, by other people/situations that are just not good enough. Some of these lovely people have been in these situations for a very long time, others, only a while.

But any amount of time in in a negative space is too much time

They deserve better.
And it makes my heart a little heavy to see them clouded by grey when they should be shining bright.

Before you read on this may get ugly.
So here’s what I have to say about it:

To the girls who are letting fuckhead boys into their lives. Believe in your self and tell them where to go.
*If he isn’t willing to make the commitment you want – leave.
*If he only wants to treat you nicely when it suits him – tell him to get fucked
*Don’t settle for what’s in front of you if he doesn’t make you happy – the person you deserve is out there, you just haven’t let yourself be open to meet him yet.
*Stop being that guys fuck buddy – if you are hoping one day he might see you as more – the harsh truth is – he probably won’t
*Stop selling yourself short – Knights in shining armour don’t exist but that doesn’t mean you have to have the one who beats you/calls you names/won’t meet you halfway etc etc etc

To the boys that are consistently letting that girl break his heart. Believe you can have better and let her go.
*She doesn’t deserve you, no matter how little you think you deserve
*If she is fucking with your head. Stop fucking her
*If the drama is too much and she won’t listen to reason, move on
*When she spends more time without you, even though you ask, she doesn’t really want to be with you
*Don’t be scared to let the right girl in, you may have been royally screwed over in the past and your heart broken to pieces, but that girl is out there and she is worth ever second

See the truth is, when it comes to love, we all at some stage get blinded to the pain, hoping it will turn out better, holding on to the tiny bits of good, ignoring the bad and forgetting that we deserve better.

If I could have told myself anything all those heartbreaks ago, and if I would have listen (because so many times we just don’t listen) I would have told myself that if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right.

You deserve better!

Sure, don’t get me wrong, things are worth fighting for. They are.
But sometimes, the fight is already lost. And we forget.

And then there comes those shitty situations with work/family/friends etc.
The ones that you make yourselves think are ok
When deep deep down you know they aren’t – They make you stressed, sad, angry, hurt. They leave you feeling lost, broken, unsure.

They break you down so much you can barely function like you normally would.
Yet you keep going. But why?

*Work may be hard to find sometimes, but if it is killing you to be there, or stopping you from having quality time with your friends/family, no amount of money in the world is worth that – find something else
*Family and friends is always a tricky one, but if they don’t listen when you ask them to stop, or don’t respect your feelings and make you feel belittled – walk away, it’s hard, it sucks, but you deserve better

You are probably all thinking, but we didn’t know at the time.
But the truth is, if you really listen to yourself or that person who tells you that it isn’t fair what you are putting up with, you know its true. You always do

You deserve better.

Perhaps it’s time you believed it