Another week of shootings in America goes by… its tragic, heartbreaking.
But when you talk to people about it they aren’t shocked.

Why has death and destruction become so normal!?
Why isn’t anyone actually doing something pragmatic about it!?

Doesn’t it upset anyone that we are letting each younger generation grow up in a world that is becoming more and more riddled with violence, death threats, governments that don’t seem to have any ounce of compassion or honesty and a systematic approach to the world that involves how much money can be brought into the economy rather than looking after and protecting its people first and foremost!

It makes me sick.

Maybe its just me, but perhaps if we all stopped thinking of each other as better than or less than another and instead treated everyone with kindness and equality the world would be a better place.

Perhaps if we just pushed our egos to the side for a minute and opened our eyes we would see the world differently and be able to find the potential in everyone. The potential to be better, to be something amazing, the potential to help and be helped.

Isn’t that something we should be striving for?

Sure, there are a lot of people in this world that seem too far gone for help. Or aren’t willing to be helped. But why should that stop us trying?

And why are people in this world still segregated into good and bad?
We all have good and bad in us… its just whether we know how to silence the bad and champion the good. That is the only difference.

Shouldn’t we be teaching people to see and react to the good?

So many whys.
But it all starts with the individuals.

What do you do to make a difference?
Do you even try?

Be kind. Be respectful.

We all know how to, but it’s obvious that the world isn’t acting in this way.
Stop thinking about it and patting yourself on the back for not being an asshole and start helping the world be better.

It doesn’t have to be an earth shattering change that you make as an individual.
But it should still be something.

Stop saying the hateful things about another.
Stop calling each other stupid.
Stop listening to the stereotypes and categorizing everyone.
Stop judging before you even speak to a person.

It doesn’t take much.
But if we all changed these small tendencies that have become so normal. Maybe.. just maybe… the world could be a more united place.

Isn’t that something?