Do you have a dream or something you have wanted to accomplish or do?
Are you making steps towards achieving that dream or are you consistently finding reasons not to?

I used to find a mountain of excuses as well.
Because chasing a dream makes you vulnerable to failure. And failure hurts the ego. So it’s just easier to keep wishing, dreaming, wondering.. right?

Time to stop that attitude!
Chase. Your. Dreams.
Its daunting, scary and may seem impossible… but it is the things that make us feel this way that we should strive for most. Because, once achieved, these are the most fulfilling, most rewarding and the ones our soul screams and almighty “Yes!” to.

18 months ago, I walked away from an industry that had become more stressful than rewarding. One that had turned into more hate than love. But one that I had been clinging on to for more years than I should have.
The truth was, I didn’t believe I could do anything better, or accomplish anything more. And when I sat with myself to figure out why I was so hell bent on staying in an industry that was killing me on the inside I realised it wasn’t because it was what I wanted to do anymore, but more something that I felt sad to walk away from, because it had given me so much joy for a long time.

But it was then I told myself that leaving now didn’t wipe away the good times, but instead preserved them in my memory as great, fantastic times, before I became so bitter they all turned to rubbish littering my mind.

So I quit my job that was driving me completely nuts.
And searched for what was next, because at this point in time, I really had no idea what direction I was heading. (I was ignoring the soft whispers of a career dream because I thought it was too out of reach)

I walked into a traineeship within another industry, one I thought I could enjoy
I didn’t like it.
But I met someone who truly pushed me to believe in myself. And that whisper started to turn into a growl.

“You can do it, just try.” he would say, whenever I would mention what I truly wanted to do.
But I kept bringing up excuses:
I can’t afford to study, I need to work
I don’t think I have what it takes
What if I can’t get into the course
What if I fail… and this was the biggest hold back of all. What if I fail.

“You can do it, just try”
“You CAN do it. TRY”

It became a mantra. And that growl became a roar.

So I left the traineeship, and tried to figure out just how I was going to go after this dream.

Full time, online study. A casual job with full time hours. A three year bachelor course.
Teamed with my new found determination, the mantra, and the profound amount of support I was receiving not only at home but from every one surrounding me I was finally chasing that dream.


So, go out there, focus on that dream, take the steps, find a way, make it work.

You CAN do it.
Just TRY.