The other day as I was pottering, a conversation I had with a stranger whilst at work came into my head for some absurd reason. It was just after I had gotten my hair coloured bright blue and they were talking about their daughters strict school rules – specific uniforms, ties, shoes, hair accessories etc.

At this point in time they commented to the daughter in question  “You definitely wouldn’t be able to go to school with hair like the ladies.”

Being the person I am, I piped in at this point and said that I don’t understand why schools are becoming so strict and preventing children from self expression. I mentioned that I would want nothing more than for my child to wear what he/she wants, to have bright coloured hair if they chose so (wash out or hair spray of course) and to be different from the rest.

Quiet casually her reply was “Yea, I guess that would allow children to get it all out of their system while they were young”

“Get it out of their system”!!!
I don’t understand why being different has to be something that needs to be restricted to a need of release.

Why is being different something that requires “getting out of the system”?
And who is to judge what these somethings are?


What if the person with the rainbow hair/dark clothes/rainbow clothes/mismatched clothes/tattoos/peircings etc etc etc has nothing to ‘get out of their system’?

What if the way they are is just simply… the way they are?

What if they like being/looking/acting this way?
If they aren’t hurting anyone, why does it really matter. Why does it need to be controlled or deemed ‘weird’?

It is sad really.. that anything ‘different’, ‘weird’ or that stands out from the crowd is considered in this way.
Whats wrong with being unique?
We are all born different, so when did it become such a big deal to show it off?

‘Normal’ is defined by the standards within a society that are deemed appropriate or the ‘correct’ way of behaving/expressing yourself/dressing etc etc.
But who set these ‘norms’ and why?

All I know is, who ever you are, how ever you are, what ever you are. Hold on to it with pride, don’t hide it. Express it. And do it with joy.

Then when you get the looks, or hear the comments that make you cringe or want to run back to hibernation, puff out that chest, whack on that smile and know that you are amazing JUST THE WAY YOU ARE

Fuck ‘getting it out of your system’… I will be this way because I AM this way