So I have been thinking about restarting my blogs for a while now. It was something I used to do quite regularly a few years ago that I really enjoyed. It was a way for me to express the inner workings of my mind in a healthier way than I had been. However, I let the few people who got offended by some of my posts get the better of me and I shut the site down. How impressionable I was back then!

Cest la vi!

Now, a few years on, and loaded with a self belief, confidence and sense of self worth I am going to take on the blog world again.

Note to all… I am not going to keep these G rated, nor am I going to back down from my thoughts if they offend. I am here for self expression and I make no apologies.

Strap yourselves in and hold tight, this will be fun, but it sure as hell could be a bumpy ride.