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Ollie’s Last Week

My name is Ollie. I am 11. I live a great life with mum. Dad’s new, but he is ok too.

Got to have breakfast with mum today. Dad laughed as I put crumbs all over her and the freshly cleaned floors. I love having breakfast with mum

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Dreams can come true!

As a little girl I often dreamt of what my life would be like as I grew older. I suppose all little kids do.
Mine went something like this – at 25 I would be married in my own home and starting a family. Pretty standard stuff right. I mean what little girl doesn’t dream of meeting prince charming and living happily ever after. Perhaps a bit specific with the age – but hey… I was a perfectionist – all details had to be covered. Continue reading “Dreams can come true!”

Trust your journey

So things have been falling perfectly into place lately and I can’t help to look back at how I got to this point in my life. Continue reading “Trust your journey”

I am still alive

Wow, has it really been four months since my last post!?! I guess life got ahead of me a little. But I have great excuses.

Morning sickness
Family visitors

Uni exams
Organising lots of paperwork for building a house
Pregnancy scans and check ups

More paperwork
More scans and check ups
New Year

Anyway.. enough excuses. Its a new year, I am feeling good. So I will start blogging to the abyss of the interwebs once again. Before I become swamped with uni work and a baby…

Please note: I will not become a mummy blogger. (maybe just one or two.. here or there)

Stay tuned

10 ways to ruin a relationship

We have all been there, standing, watching, cringing, crying, yelling as we have just witnessed a relationship end.

Most of us develop this idea from a young age, which stays with us as we get older, that it is always the other persons fault that it has ended. Even if you did the breaking up.

The harsh truth is though, that where there is a relationship, there are two people at play. Which means both parties are equally responsible for it ending.

And I am not just necessarily talking about sexual partnerships, friendships count in this as well.

Now, you might be thinking.. “well, I didn’t think it would end” or “how was i supposed to know that it wouldn’t last”

And, with that in mind, here are 10 ways I have noticed in my short 24 years of relationships with others to ruin a relationship.

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You cant mend those that don’t want to be fixed

“I wish I could think like you do”

“If more people had your mentality the world would be a better place”

I get the above two things said to me a lot. And today when I heard those words again i couldn’t help but think. If I have heard this so many times from so many people… why isn’t the world already a better place?  Continue reading “You cant mend those that don’t want to be fixed”


Different things get different people moving, keep different people fighting, encourage different people to be better.

Things like money, power, a desire for accomplishment, for mastery, even simple things like food.

Sometimes it can be family, colleagues, teachers.

For me Continue reading “Motivators”

I am here…

My dear, I am here…

I can’t stop the pain you are experiencing. I don’t know how to save you from the grey world you are in

And I am sorry.
But I am here if you need me. Continue reading “I am here…”

Music for my soul

This week I received one of those weekly emails from a sight I get updates from with music news. Usually I just scan through and delete.

However… something caught my eye this week. A punk band I love had posted a video on youtube and their webpage.. a first in ages as the band has been separated for years. Media has hinted at a reunion of the band to mark its 10 year anniversary of one of their most popular albums.

It got me thinking about all those years ago and where I was in my life…

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